Something Wicked

The winter was dark and depressing, but the spring is bringing some better vibes and light. I was worried I wouldn’t be recovered fully for Something Wicked 2016. So I came up with an alternate plan in case I wasn’t fully recovered; easier on the tricks and more on the choreo. Because really, it’s all about the performance!

I had this idea for some time now. A few years ago my mother in law once asked me, what’s ‘dube step’? LOL! So I took out my iPhone and played her this song, UKF Dubetep Tutorial. I decided to make an entire performance out of it.

I love the pole community! I never felt so accepted, so loved with such belonging from the pole community than I have ever felt with any group of people. The pole community accepts all people of all walks of life. When I am at a Vertica Love event I feel like I belong to a loving family of amazing artists and unique people.



And OMGGGGGG!!! I met my Goddess, Lux ATL! And I took her Stripcraft workshop and OMG every woman needs to take this classssss!!!


Recovering From A Concussion


Going on week 4 of bed rest. FML. I’ve been MIA in the pole world for almost a month. I had to cancel my classes, events. Augh!

Almost a month ago I was violently assaulted at work and I suffered a concussion because of it. I’ve had to take time off pole and work. It sucks. If anyone has ever suffered a concussion will understand how awful they are. It really throws your life upside down. I haven’t been the same since. Hopefully I feel some progress soon. I just want my life back. 🙁

What also sucks is that pole is my therapy. Anyone that knows me knows that pole is my way of dealing with life’s stress. So now that I cannot pole, it’s really depressing me. I haven’t been this depressed in a long long time.

I’m not alone when I say pole is my therapy. There are so many stories out there of women who have also used pole to help them in life. Here are some stories of other pole dancers who have also used pole as a tool to heal.

I know there are so many more stories like this of women who used pole dancing as a therapeutic tool to recovery. Feel free to share your story. If you have a story you would like to share, email me naughtygirlfitness at gmail dot com! 🙂