Pole Dancing And Misogyny

I am an intersectional feminist, and a pole dancer. By that I mean, I believe in the equality of the sexes (religiously, economically, socially and politically as well as recognizing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, and classism, are interconnected) and pole dancing is my hobby, sport and passion. Feminism goes with pole dancing/fitness like peanut butter jam. When I teach my pole dancing classes, I help teach women to strip away their insecurities and misogynistic beliefs that they may have about themselves while building them up as strong, confident, women. I like to refer to my classes I teach as a patriarchal destroying therapeutic experience.

There has been some negative media attention on the Pole Community lately. Without going into specific details and giving attention to a specific hypocritical organization, I am going to leave them out because they really don’t need anymore attention. In fact, most of us pollers have decided that we are just going to ignore them. By not giving into their ignorance, eventually the bully will get bored and STFU.

By I will say this. Most pole dancers are feminists and this isn’t difficult to understand. The problem with pole dancing isn’t a pole dancing problem, it’s a societal problem. It’s a problem that goes back thousands of years. It’s how we view female sexuality. Historically cis female sexuality is demonized where as cis male sexuality is not. For example, Magic Mike.

One of the beauties about pole dancing is that you can do whatever the fuck you want with the pole. You can be a sensual pole dancer, an athletic pole dancer, a gymnast pole dancer, an artistic pole dancer and yes even a sexy exotic pole dancer. And however you choose how to dance, I promote being YOU on the pole and express your beautiful art any way you want!

If you are one of those ignorant sexist people who are on the ignorant train claiming that pole dancing promotes normalizing male violence on women, then you need to educate yourself! Take a pole class and see for yourself what goes on and what we promote!



Something Wicked

The winter was dark and depressing, but the spring is bringing some better vibes and light. I was worried I wouldn’t be recovered fully for Something Wicked 2016. So I came up with an alternate plan in case I wasn’t fully recovered; easier on the tricks and more on the choreo. Because really, it’s all about the performance!

I had this idea for some time now. A few years ago my mother in law once asked me, what’s ‘dube step’? LOL! So I took out my iPhone and played her this song, UKF Dubetep Tutorial. I decided to make an entire performance out of it.

I love the pole community! I never felt so accepted, so loved with such belonging from the pole community than I have ever felt with any group of people. The pole community accepts all people of all walks of life. When I am at a Vertica Love event I feel like I belong to a loving family of amazing artists and unique people.



And OMGGGGGG!!! I met my Goddess, Lux ATL! And I took her Stripcraft workshop and OMG every woman needs to take this classssss!!!